About us

Earlston Management Corp. (“Earlston”) is a wholly-owned private Canadian subsidiary of Earlston Investments Corp. Earlston provides management, administrative, regulatory, accounting and reporting services to private and publicly traded companies. Earlston’s management team has extensive experience in the natural resource and financial sectors.

The Earlston team has been assisting companies to maintain regulatory and continuous disclosure compliance with securities regulations within Canada and the United States since 1996. Earlston offers secretarial services tailored to match the needs of shell companies and small to mid-sized reporting issuers. These services range from providing recording secretaries for Board & Committee meetings to the appointment of one of our senior team members as a full, outsourced officer of the company. Earlston also specializes in stock exchange compliance, stock option and warrant administration, annual meeting organization, minute book custody, corporate governance advice, news release dissemination and other specialty services.

In addition to corporate management services, the Earlston team also provides professional accounting and reporting services specializing in the preparation of quarterly and annual financial statements.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest quality service offering professionalism, reliability and integrity in all aspects of work. Our team of highly experienced and professional staff provide superior services, innovative solutions and support in relation to company formation and maintenance.

Earlston currently manages 10 companies whose shares are listed on the various Exchanges.